Monday, November 27, 2017

Snow, Mounties, Shania Twain, a Dogsled and a Wild Finish...Just Another Extraordinary Grey Cup in Canada!

Another wild Grey Cup finish. With the Stampeders barely having won or played (bye week) in the last month leading to the final, the Argos had won two in a row to end the regular season and stole a semi final win with a calm and cool Ricky Ray setting the Argos up for the winning score from a third and five position.  Despite the odds against the favourited Stampeders, the Argos had all the momentum behind them and took advantage of two key opportunities resulting in two of the biggest plays in Grey Cup history - the longest catch for a touchdown and the longest fumble return for a touchdown.  

It appeared on the last play for QB Mitchell that greed had the better of him trying to be the hero with the winning touchdown while moving closer to the end zone with the option of kicking a tying field goal was on the table.  

Regardless, Toronto has a championship with Toronto FC about to win their first in a week from now.  Are Toronto's sports reputations turning? 


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