Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Way to Go Premier Horgan, Helping Other World Oil Producers: The Rules Are Always Different Beyond Them Thar Hills (Rockies)

How is this fledgling B.C. provincial government even a government? @jjhorgan

Good luck B.C. with your higher gas prices, carbon taxes that are willfully taken on as opposed by other provincial governments, likely higher unemployment and even higher housing price inflation. 


"...Horgan said there should be no retribution against B.C. for the collapse of the Trans Mountain expansion because “the Energy East pipeline was stopped and there was no consequences from that. The Keystone XL pipeline was stopped and may well begin again, and there was no adverse consequence as a result of that. It is my view that British Columbia should have an equal say to other jurisdictions when these projects come forward.”
The Energy East pipeline was not federally approved when it was cancelled. The Keystone XL pipeline was spiked by U.S. President Barack Obama’s permit denial. In contrast, the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain expansion has been approved both by Ottawa and B.C., after meeting five conditions laid out by Clark. Horgan doesn’t seem to grasp the implications of messing with a lawfully approved project..."

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