Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"Policy-Based Evidence Making": How the Liberals Portray Circumstances to Achieve an Ideal (ie, "The Liberal Solution")

Never short on a study, or a scenario the Liberal spin machine is at it again, and this time in full view of the international Davos forum.  Shockingly, with another "damn Canada" type speech to his political and business peers (cronies), The Justin has managed to manufacture an oppressive state of being in the Great White North to the point that such an elected official would not be expected to the leader of said country (Canada) but someone comparable to the likes of Stalin, Hussein, Mussolini, Mugabe, Kim Jong-Un, Castro (oh right, Justin likes him!).  Selected quotes are below.  All of this to portray The Justin as the "feminist saviour" that will lead all gender based discrimination out of the country as he merrily skips and plays his magical flute.

In relation to this article, a simple addendum to the Canadian Business and Corporations Act woud have sufficed, but no.  Bill C-25 is now before the Senate.  While no one should be discriminated against based on being a man, woman or, I have to now use "gender" to capture all, neither should this many resources, time and pay for our legislators be allocated to bring this justice.

As mentioned in the article, this is our Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains initiative and it reminded me, from several past posts, what does an Innovation Minister (@NavdeepSBains) do anyway? No one has been able to tell me.

Hats off to Terence Corcoraon (author) for his coining of the term "policy-based evidence making".  It is bang on for this new Liberal regime.

Select quotes that The Justin has chosen to focus on (whether he believes the "science" or "facts" or Liberal math behind them)...

"Among women who were newly appointed to the boards of Fortune 500 companies, 77 per cent of them were white. Race, religion, sexuality, socioeconomic status — these are just a few of the ways that women are even further discriminated against.”

“Too many corporations have put the pursuit of profit before the wellbeing of their workers. The gap between the rich and the poor is staggering. All the while, companies avoid taxes and boast record profits with one hand, while slashing benefits with the other. But that approach can’t and won’t cut it anymore.”

When quoting McKinsey and Peterson Institute for International Economics reports, "“narrowing the gender gap in Canada would add $150 billion to our economy by 2026” and increasing the number of women in leadership positions from zero to 30 per cent “translates into a 15-per-cent boost in profitability.”

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