Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Plethora of Easy Targets Today For The Justin, The Ontario Liberals

Today, The Justin is frittering time away in Davos extolling the virtues of Canada and business opportunties, yet the Liberals cannot complete a trade deal with China, NAFTA looks like it is collapsing, but oh wait! Just in, a TPP deal has been completed, but nowhere near its envisioned form.  With only seasonal December jobs strength (from temporary Christmas shopping seasonality....ummm, "holiday seasonality") to brag about, and an all important NAFTA agreement about to be ripped up, we will see what economic strength and opportunities therein lie for the future in Canada.  I suspect if there is a decent Swiss coffee break after the Justin's speech, that will be the only way there will be a packed house.  Otherwise the crowd's attendance will dive like this author expects the Loonie to do in 2018.

Also, the federal Liberals are pushing their agenda and offending just about every religious group  out there with its "like it or lump it" approach to funding tens of thousands of summer jobs primarily aimed at students, no matter what group or cause the application comes from.  The views center around abortion choices and of course the Liberals have managed to manufacture their own language and laws around this as technically, (and with the highest degree of respect) although a woman (or jointly with a partner) can make a choice about abortion, there has been no woman's right passed with regards to this.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Ontario Liberals could not be suffering more from "on the hot seat" syndrome with all past multi-billion dollar gaffes and atrocities merely dismissed as "the days of old (McGuinty)".  Despite a recent member being found guilty, other members appearing in a Sudbury court and with their favourite colleague Kathleen Wynn also on the stand to testify, WHAT MORE WRONG CAN THIS GOVERNMENT DO?

Well...in secret recognition of that, the Liberals have rammed down Ontarians' throats a new minimum wage regime (lacking any debate, economic studies, or consultation with businesses), are rolling out aggressively generous and new prescription and dental benefits, not to mention their flirting with pensions, and always appeasing the society (cult) of Ontario Teachers as well as all union-based groups.

Sadly, as Canadian voters at large are focused not on "the greater good of the country" but "what can you do for me", these two groups are likely to be voted in again in five months and two years time respectively from today.




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