Monday, February 5, 2018

If Canadians Are So Adamant About Pronouns and Lack of Religion in O Canada, Then Sing The French Version

After making news when it was first suggested in the House of Commons, the Senate finally and quietly passed a bill to change a word ("thy sons" to "of us") that makes the entire universe allowed to live in order and harmony.  (Which, when replaced, does not sound gramatically correct to me in my opinion - I have yet to consult with an English major on this). 

Scanning various English/Anglophone social media, normal media and the typical left leaning media feeds, there are more than a handful of female and male Anglophones that will not be obliging and have vowed to continue singing the version they have learned and has been place for scores of decades. 

Canada is blessed with two anthems in two languages (and a third bilingual version) - O Canada and Hymne du Canada.  Neither, when translated directly, represents the same rendition lyrically. For instance, in French, there are no references to "sons" or for that matter daughters, him, her, he, she etc.  However, there are five references to "nos" meaning "our" or "us". 

In Canada, thanks to our two official language system, we have options. Unfortunately most Anglophones are not aware of that.

Looking forward to the next major significant sporting event in Canada (outside of regular season NHL games) to see how this plays out.  #OCanada

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