Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pipelines: We Will See if Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr's Bark is Worse Than Bite, or If The Liberals Just Stall Another Two Years Until The Next Election

Although the Liberals will try to appease both opposing political forces (both the same party in two neighbouring provinces but with differing views on one dividing topic) and voters in BC and Alberta, Canada's two western most provinces, eventually one province will win, and the Liberals will have lost the voters in the province that did not.  

There is a third option, Justin could change the word "pipeline" to "carrier of economic diversity and sustainable growth complete with tens of thousands of jobs".  

Carr maintains Canada has “all kinds of options” to exert its constitutional authority over interprovincial pipelines”.  He did not say “by when”. 

"Shannon Stubbs, federal Conservative natural resources critic, is not as convinced as Notley that Ottawa is doing everything it can to get the pipeline built. She introduced an opposition motion in the House of Commons on Monday calling on the federal government to make public no later than Feb. 15, its specific plan to get the pipeline built.

We await the 15th of February...and also 50% off chocolate sales.  


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