Thursday, February 22, 2018

No Fewer than Five Negative Articles About Justin's Indian Travels, The Liberals...Out of Six in the National Post This Morning

It must be easy to be a journalist these days covering the likes of The Justin and The Donald.  Here at home in the Great White North, anyone who reads one of the national daily papers will have seen the Trudeau family posing in India. As one of these comments on the kids playing cricket, a visit to a Jama mosque, and other meaningless events on this taxpayer funder borderline vacation.  The other, reports of eye rolling on the extra fashion choices in India, the embarrassing invite of a convicted terrorist Jaspal Atwal, and the upcoming utopic budget of gender equality, inclusiveness, and everything else that is feel-good that will be paid for by the never ending dollars from a unicorn's ass.  Scrolling further down there is another regarding, "This country has racked up one of the developed world’s saddest records in attracting business investment".

With one day's worth of headlines like this, how does someone like this stay in power?

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